Bob.tog Training & Workshops

Bob.tog Training and Experience Days

Are you, camera shy?

Not in front of the camera but behind it? Not knowing how it works, what buttons do what and how to capture a photo?

Let me introduce Bob.tog – Bob has a range of Training sessions and Experience days ready to take the mystery out of your camera and develop skills to progress with your Photography.

With over 20 years of experience, Bob will help you understand the basics at a fun and steady pace, helping you answer any questions you may have.

How does my camera Work and Developing your Photography skills are the first two workshops and will be running as soon as guidelines allow them too.

The training is set in the Welcome Photography studio and can house upto 6 people. This enables everyone enough time for one-to-one assistance.

They are a mixture of both theory and practical.

Care is taken before hand to understand what you need and want to achieve from the training whilst keeping to a set agenda and research is done before hand to understand the workings of all cameras to maximise your learning time.

Using what we have learnt why not join us on one of our Experience Days.

Various options of places and types of Experiences will be announced once the Covid Restrictions are lifted. They will be of varying types so each aspect photography is covered.

1) How does my camera work?

Understanding all the buttons and dials on your camera.

Camera Maintenance

How to change lens and how best to hold your camera.

Basic intro to Photography

90 mins @£50 Per Person

2) Developing your camera skills

WTF – What the F Number? – Learning all about F-stops – what they mean and how they work

ISO – Understanding how the ISO numbers work in any given light and the effect they may have on your images.

SHUTTER SPEEDS – Helping you understand how long you let the light into your camera for and the effects it can create.

COMBINING ALL OF THE ABOVE – How the above 3 work together

WHITE BALANCE – Helping you understand how the different balances work and how to apply them.

CAMERA FOCUS – The different types of Focusing systems will be explained together with Manual and Automatic modes.

TAKING PHOTOS – Heading off to put all the above into practise and take some photos.

120mins - @£75 per person.



We are novices having only purchased our DSLR’s in March we did not really know where to start and most photos were done on auto and rather hit and miss. Just before our break away to Norfolk we had an “Introduction to your Camera Session” with Rob. The session was customized to our cameras, the information and guidance that Rob gave us was very in depth but simply described to make it easier to understand.

We had opportunity to try out some of the things Rob had explained under his expert guidance. This was a great opportunity as it gave us the confidence to go and have a go during our holiday. Now that we are more confident with our camera and it’s settings cannot wait for the next installment of training with Rob.

Would highly recommend Rob for sharing his vast knowledge and experience as well as his patience with us.

– Monica & Richard Tebbutt

Monica Tebbutt Certificate
Welcome Photography Wellingborough