Restoring your Memories

Restoring your Memories

Restoring your Memories

Time seems to fly by doesn’t it, even in this strange period we are in.

With everything moving so quickly, its more important than ever to hang on to those memories.

These days, it’s probably a little easier with Mobile Phones and Social Media, but what about those that were made way before this?

Old fashioned Printed photos and slides, the waiting 1 hour to get them developed. This was sometimes the longest hour ever for me, seeing what you had captured that day or whilst you were on holiday, etc.

Nothing beats sitting looking through a selection of photos or albums re-living those memories, sometimes a day after or even several years later.

As with memories, the prints sometimes become jaded and a little worn. Not quite as crisp and as fresh as they once were.

Put in a box and placed in a cupboard, put off by the delicate state they may have become.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure in life than creating and capturing memories of people through my Photography.

People have told me it was like re-living it and capturing a photo of a person or people who unfortunately have since passed away, the memories live on.

I offer a Restoration and Transfer service. This includes transfer of negatives and slides you may have onto a USB for viewing and printing. To give you a chance to re-live those memories and for some people see them for the first time.

Also photos you may have that are faded and torn, I am able to tidy them up for you, giving them a new lease of life.

Doing this with some Slides and Prints from my Grandparents I’m now able to see some of my Mum’s memories and experiences as she was growing up.

Please drop me a message to find out more. Thank you Rob.

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