Jack of All Trades?

Jack of All Trades?

Master of none?

People who know me, know that Photography is my life, my absolute passion.

Those who don’t know me, I hope this comes across in all I do.

As I offer various services now as a Photographer, I’m sometimes asked and think do I offer too much, too many different types?

My answer is no.


I have been taking photos for at least 20 years, professionally for nearly 9 years. Starting with Landscapes and Seascapes with no people through to Weddings & Events with over 200 people.

Are my skills transferable? Yes.

Apart from learning which settings on your camera work best for each environment each scenario can offer the following too.

Landscapes help with composition; Weddings help with posing people. Weddings also help with people management and capturing things as they happen, this is transferable over to Event photography.

Macro Photography, practising this on primarily wildlife helps me to capture the detail of a Wedding Ring or engraved items. This also helps with product photography, helping with the specifics of an item.

Studio photography, this covers a multitude of things, as above also learning to control the light, learning to direct people with poses and styles.

Whilst shooting products it teaches you to shoot to a brief, with an end result, this is mirrored on a Wedding Day or Event, having a list, knowing what the client wants and delivering.

Taking photos for your leisure, this is important to practise, try new things, keep fresh, most of all for you! I’m very lucky to do what I love for a living, but it is crucial to take time to click away for yourself.

One thing I’m sure I am a Master of is approaching every shoot, every photo with the same passion and enjoyment as I did from the very first click of my camera all those years ago.

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