How do I choose my Photographer?

How do I choose my Photographer?


How do I choose my Photographer?

Ipa dipa dation?

Did anyone use this when they were younger to choose who was going to be “it”?

I often hear people ask how do I choose my Photographer?

Using the above is not the right way, as fun as it may be.

I will try and offer some basic advice which will hopefully help.

Firstly what sort of photos do you want?

Look at their style, quality and type of images they produce, do they stand out to you?

Can you imagine you or your event being captured that way? Does it tell the story you wish it to.

How would you like your photographer to be on the day? Does it matter if they are male or female, would you like two?

It is crucial to see examples of your photographer’s work, are they experienced in what you are asking them to do?

Can they provide recommendations from people who have used them, ideally word of mouth.

Equally, is there a rapport between you?

How is their personality, does give you enough trust and faith that they will deliver.?

I always like to meet clients at least twice, first as an introduction and then a few weeks before the event so they know exactly what will happen from my point of view. I will guide them as they need and take any of the Photography concerns away from them.

Value for Money.

Ideally try and set a budget and what package you would like, such as coverage, how long do they need to be there and then how do you receive your photos and how many.

After you have looked at a couple of photographers you may find that your budget doesn’t quite fit, this will help you decide whether you increase your budget or tailor your requirements more to suit.

These are the main questions to ask when you first start to look. I could write several pages on answers and guidance, hopefully this will help in the initial stages.

I am always open to discussing any requirements you have or advice you need, never be afraid to ask a Photographer questions, no matter how silly they may appear to you, its one less thing for you to worry about.

Hope this has been of help to you.

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