For the love of ….. Weddings

For the love of ….. Weddings

10 years have gone by now since I covered my first Wedding.

I was nervous, excited and couldn’t sleep for a week before hand.

My love for photography grew from landscapes and seascapes, I never wanted to be told what to take photos of or cover a Wedding as it would be too stressful.

I was very wrong, after my first wedding I covered a couple more, each one I charged only enough to cover my petrol.

Since then, I have absolutely loved covering them, each day is different and you get to meet all sorts of people, characters and visit some amazing venues.

Why do I love them? It’s a happy occasion, smiles, laughs, beers and celebrations, not necessarily in that order all the time.

To capture a Wedding, I go with everything I have, my camera, my back up camera and kit, my energy, passion, knowledge and probably most important my patience and flexibility.

Creating an environment in a Wedding scenario be it for 8 people for 200, each is approached the same.

Meeting in advance, get to know eachother and discuss their special day.

When I leave the pre wedding meeting I want the couples to feel than can almost forget about the photography side of things, all bases are covered.

On the day, I’m focused, I’m relaxed, I’m easing going, I like to be fun, but not silly fun. I will click away to my hearts content, I will also be aware of your days timings and events during.

A smile will be on my face all day, I will chat and get to know your guests, what I wont do is tell people to get in a group or pose, asking them I find works just as well.

I leave your Wedding with a smile on my face and to be honest most of the time I’m shattered but in a good way.

A little while after I start the processing of your photos and get the chance to re-live it all over again.

I have covered of 230 Weddings now.

I keep a photo of each couple in this photo album to remind me of all the couples I have met. Some are not together anymore and unfortunately some are no longer with us, but for that moment in time, they were in front of my camera.

And that is why love shooting Weddings.

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