All Change July

All Change July

All Change July

Welcome to my July Blog, over halfway through this crazy year already.

I’ve taken this time to enhance existing services and Introduce new ones.

Whilst it’s all about the Photography and taking the photos for me, It’s equally important that when you receive your photos at the end of the process they make you as happy as I feel.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than your happiness when receiving my photos.

What’s New?

I’m rolling out a daily video from the 29th June which will have an introduction into the changes that are happening, each new or enhanced service will have its own allocated day.

This means time can be spent getting all the details and benefits out to you in a manageable way.

What are they?

Enhancement of the Nursery & Preschool, Events, Weddings, Commercial, Portrait & Studio services

Not only this, but a new Photo Restoration services together with a selection of Photo training, Practical days, getting out and learning with your camera.

If that’s not enough, I’m very excited to be launching my own Gallery & Shop where you will be able to purchase a range of prints and keepsakes.

A lot is coming in other words, which I hope is of interest and benefit to you all.

Welcome Photography Facebook Group has also come alive, a group where you can learn about Photography, get advice on how to improve it or simply to enjoy looking at photos. The group has a friendly community feel and you are more than Welcome to join. The link is below.

Have a great July, all being well I will be shooting my first Wedding on the 28th, an intimate affair and one I’m looking forward to.

Thank you for your time.

Keep Safe Rob

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