All about me

All about me

What do you get from me?


People often have a misconception that Photographers turn up to a Wedding or Event, click away for a few hours and that’s it.

Not going into all the processing that follows, but I wanted to share how I approach my Photography to give you an insight of what you can expect.

Correspondence – I will always keep in touch, even if your event is not for a couple of years.

Early – I will always arrive a little before the agreed time.

Organised – This is so important, making sure my equipment is all sorted. Knowing times and logistics and most important the photos you want.

Smart – For Weddings I will always be in at least trousers, shirt and tie, normally a suit. Its important to me that my appearance is in keeping with the event.

Flexible –It’s important to be prepared but equally be able to adjust to changes on and leading upto the event.

Friendly – I am at my happiest with my camera in my hand and I want people to feel this. It helps no end and if people feel comfortable to approach me for photos or feel more relaxed when I ask them to pose then it makes for an easier and smoother day.

Hardworking – Nothing is too much at your event. Please never be afraid to ask, I will always do my best to accommodate you. On the day I am totally at your disposal.

Fun – A lot of feedback I have received is that I’m “friendly” “easy going” “like one of the guests” and fun. I don’t mean I mess around of course not, but I take a light, hearted approach to get the best results.

Ultimately you will get my heart and soul with a dash of ginger in every photo shoot or event I do, regardless of size and type and to take away any of your worries or concerns about the photos.

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