About me and how I take photos

I’m 49 years old, married with a dog and two cats.

My love for photography started with a holiday in Cornwall, back in 2000.

Whilst I’ve always enjoyed looking at photos, it was there that got me into trying to capture the land and seascapes before me.

Initially, I would wait for everyone to leave the shot to capture purely the scene I was seeing. Over time I felt there was a little something missing and so I started to capture photos of exactly what was in front of me. This was the beginning of my storytelling through photos, looking back upon them, to re-live the day or event and venue as if you were there again.

I take many styles of photos, Land and Seascapes, Portraits, Events and Macro, all which helps when I approach a Wedding Day and all other shoots.

My passion has grown over the years and I am at my happiest and most content when my camera is in my hand. I have been told this comes across during meetings and on actual days spent with clients.

The approach is a consultative one, asking what you would like and what style, which I am happy to adapt to, offering you advice and taking on board any requests you may have.

Capturing moments, recording memories and telling your story through the Art of Photography.

I have had the pleasure of covering over 200 Weddings each one a little different and each one approached with the same freshness as the very first one.

On the day of our shoot, you will find me punctual, relaxed, focused and the shoot will be an enjoyable one, no matter what may be thrown at us during the process.

A lot of my feedback includes, that I blended in with the guests and wasn’t aware I was there.

Let me capture your story!

Rob Lunan
Welcome Photography Wellingborough